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Fourzero is at the PBC Expo

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Carolyn – Fourzero

I am the designer behind my baby wear brand Fourzero. I design and manufacture baby essentials ethically in Australia. I have a decade career as a children’s and baby intensive care nurse and my passion really is helping babies stay comfortable, settled and safe.


My pregnancy journey.


The road to pregnancy is not always as easy as you had planned!

Our journey started a decade ago just before we got married, I have been with my husband, Andy, for nearly 19 years now and we have faced, battled and overcome many hurdles to become a family.  I was 25 years old when we started our journey and at 35 years old our miracle of our own pregnancy with our own child is coming true!!

I came off the pill 3 months before we got married in September 2005, as I knew it can take time for your body to go back into sync to try for a family.  I had always had heavy long periods and we had an inkling that I had endometriosis.

After 6 months of nothing I knew I had to get checked out by my doctor.  I am very in tune with my body and I had a gut feeling something wasn’t quiet as it should be. At the time we had just moved to Switzerland and with the help and advice from my GP and friends I found one of the leading obstetric and gynaecology Doctors in our area.

This is when our merry go round of hell into fertility began.  I call it this because there are emotions, highs, lows and extremes that you never imagined as a person, couple or relationship that we had to encounter to get to our successful IVF round in 2015.

Fertility brings up so many emotions it’s not funny, your relationships get tested because you both have to become Guinea pigs where your pushed, prodded, poked and go through a number of tests just to find out what may or may not be the problem.  After a barrage of tests it was decided in 2006 that we start Chlomid.

Chlomid is a stimulation drug that makes you ovulate and boy does it make you go a little crazy with hormones.  I literally felt like a scene from beetle juice where my head had shrunk and my body was regular size – this apparently is a common side effect as your body is trying to process the barrage of excess hormones and rationalize what is going on.  The emotions were intense and I will admit I became a little crazy at times in the next 12 months. Chlomid was not the right answer for us and we had to move to the next step of hysterosalpingogram (X-ray dye) in my Fallopian tubes and a laparoscopy.

Your relationship with your partner to enter any stage of fertility testing and treatment in all honesty has to be rock solid.  You will be tested to your furthest points and it hurts immensely at times.

I have the most amazing guy in my life who has seen it all, been tested as far as I could push him and I seriously do love the bones of MrC. He is my sanity, my rock and my support person when things are good, bad and ugly.  Andy knows when I have had enough, he knows when he has to say enough you need time out and I am so grateful that he loves me that much to really say so.

An example of when Andy knew before I did that I needed a break was when he enrolled me in a Snowboarding instructor’s course in 2009 to literally escape life and heal for six months. We had been in the midst of fertility treatments for nearly three years. We had been told three months earlier that the only way I would ever conceive was through IVF and I was broken emotionally and physically.  At this time my close family or close network of friends were either on to their second or third child and I was still working as a neonatal intensive care nurse.   I have a natural passion for babies and helping families this is where my own business Fourzero stems from

When you need fertility tests or examinations find a doctor that you feel happy with, the cost is immense and ultimately my best advice is shop around until you find a team you are happy with. I wish I had known this at the beginning.  The team becomes so involved it’s crazy and you do see them a lot so if you don’t like them it’s never a comfortable experience.

A hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is an X-ray test that looks at the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes and the area around them.  I have had this procedure done numerous times awake in Switzerland and since moving to Australia 5 years ago it became apparent that it is not a practice carried out whilst awake you are normally sedated and certainly no more than once or twice!

All I can say is it hurt like hell and yes it felt like a horror movie scene I clawed my way on a metal examination table. But you do as your doctor tells you and I have had friends who had this procedure in Switzerland also so we knew no difference.  But thank your lucky stars if you do need this procedure in Australia they will knock you out under general anaesthetic.  This dye procedure found I had blocked scarred Fallopian tubes and extensive endometriosis.

The Laparoscopy is a surgical intervention whereby through keyhole surgery the obstetric and gynecology Doctor looks at your womb, ovaries and fallopian tubes.  At this time on my first surgery in Switzerland the doctor tried to strip my tubes back and open them – as it later turned out this procedure and a few other complications down the track nearly killed me!

We continued with treatment and recommendations in Switzerland for 5 years in total to no success. We then moved to Australia in 2010 where I was recommended to go to Queensland Fertility Group and I am so glad I did. We found the most amazing team who went through my history thoroughly found answers to some things that were never quiet explained to us and an understanding of why previous treatment had not worked.

In January 2011 we commenced our first full IVF cycle – albeit in the middle of the Brisbane floods which made the cycle a little more crazy and stressful as clinics got flooded appointments changed very last minute and well you don’t need more crazy in an IVF round it’s already manic.  This round was hard as I didn’t stimulate well, had some side effects that made me very sick and ultimately we miscarried the embryo we had put pack in and lost a further 6 embryos from this round.   I will safely say I was a wreck. I retreated into myself and returned to my Doctor nearly six months later.  He knew I needed time out to process and come to terms with losing our hope in the 2011 cycle.

I had a second laparoscopy surgery in 2011where my doctor once opening me up found extensive endometriosis that had never fully been fixed on previous surgeries and at the same time of investigating my fallopian tubes each decided to rupture.  Both fallopian tubes were removed.   If I had not been in surgery with a fantastic team I would not have survived this rupture or bleeding if it had spontaneously happened.  To this day I am thankful that it happened with my team, as I may not be here to tell you my fertility story, that surgery literally saved my life.   On Doctors recommendations we were not to try IVF for some time due to my surgery, complications and the time my body needed to heal.

The emotions of anger, grief stages and pushing yourself into something else are what got me through.  At the same time as all this Fourzero was being established and I was finding my way in Australia.  Andy’s job took him back to Switzerland for 12 months and I decided we would commute and live apart.  I needed this time to grieve the future that I would never get pregnant spontaneously or naturally on my own without an IVF team, the uncertainty was huge as were the financial burdens. We saw one another every 10-14 weeks for up to a month in Europe.

I needed this time to focus on me to heal emotionally and physically, to focus my energy into my business and looking back I also needed the time to understand me as a person, could I survive without bearing my own child? I found out through family, friendship and my business that yes I could survive but I wouldn’t stop trying for my own family until the Doctors said enough.

My Fallopian tubes were gone, my ovaries and womb intact and healthy.  The endometriosis removed and scar tissue had to calm down and heal. I had never since my early teens been without abdominal period pains each month – I could literally feel my pelvis again and wasn’t in a fog of pain at different stages of the month. I had varying pain throughout the month that started at the bottom of my ribs down my body to my kneecaps all due to endometriosis that was pressing on different parts of my pelvis, bowel and spine.

We began tests and finding the right IVF clinic in 2013/14 even though we knew that IVF is the only answer after my surgery you still have to go through a barrage of tests for each and every clinic.  These can all take 6 – 9 months to determine to get a plan together.

In January 2015 we started IVF again.  This time at The Fertility Centre in Springwood, Queensland. This is a new type of IVF ‘budget’ clinic.   The Medicare rebate is used and makes each round more affordable. IVF can cost from $1000-20,000 a round with varying out of pocket so please do keep shopping around.

The nursing team manages this clinic and you see the doctor on call that day.  This process suited me more because of my background as an intensive care nurse.  I found it a less traumatic experience as I could talk to the nurses, you often saw the same nurse who knew your history and they were there to support you.  When you are in an IVF cycle it’s a very personal experience you are getting scanned internally often daily at some point and I found that if I didn’t have a sense of humor and a giggles with the staff I’d cry. You end up seeing your team more than your partner over the IVF cycle month!!

Our January round resulted in a miscarriage and the loss of 2 more embryos. That was 10 embryos in total we had conceived with the help of our IVF team that we had lost. Unfortunately in IVF it all becomes numbers and you don’t get given the time to grieve these losses before the next information is given to trying again. I fell into a crumbling mess and had to take time out. I saw a counselor and rallied on my family and friends. Being on the other side of the world to your mum and dad when all you want is a hug is the hardest part for me but with FaceTime I got to cry with them and this helped me a lot.

When you are in the fertility minefield or merry go round of hell you will seek advice, you will try crazy diets, you will eat or not eat certain food all in the vain hope to get pregnant.

I have tried it all – avocado diets, eating raw pineapple for 5 days post egg pick up, eating 5 Brazil nuts per day, only consuming room temperature food never ice cold drinks and other crazy things.

In April we went in for another round, this time I knew I was healthy, my mind was as settled as it could be, and I decided to do no faddy diets.  I just couldn’t cope with another crazy thing to control.  We went a little harder on the drugs, which resulted in my largest egg harvest. The team aimed for 5/6 and we got 10!!!

When you go for egg pick up, in this this new clinic I was twilight sedated.  They give you panadol, Valium and entonox (gas and air).  It’s painful as they push in your abdomen with a large needle to your ovaries – me more so as my ovaries are no longer in the right place and attached to Fallopian tubes.  But it takes about 15 minutes and all done. A day of sleep and recovery at home whilst the wait for the phone call by the laboratory to tell you how many embryo’s are fertilised successfully.

The day after egg pick up they call to say how many fertilized and are continuing to grow, we aimed for 2-4 we got 7!

Day 3-5 they assess how well the embryos grow and it’s decided what day they will put back the embryo.   On day 5 we put the strongest embryo back in and this is when the most horrendous 2 week wait starts. You pray, you hope and you over analyze every symptom you feel from the drugs to wait for the pregnancy test day.  We also had for the first time ever, 3 high-grade embryos to go in the freezer.

Normally when you try naturally you know when your due to ovulate and then hope about your period date you don’t see blood. Well an IVF journey we know from the second and exact minute our embryos are conceived in the laboratory by the team. It’s the 2 weeks after putting the embryo back in that we get to have a blood test.

May 4th 2015 was not only my Dad’s birthday I also received the news that we were finally successful and pregnant!!!

10 yeas of infertility to the exact month I had stopped the pill we were told I was pregnant. I was terrified overjoyed and thrilled!!!

We have finally done it!

I am now 24 weeks pregnant and i’m just starting to believe that I will get to hold my own baby in my arms.  I love the movements in my belly and the reassuring sound of my baby’s heartbeat at my midwife check ups.


I wish everyone who is trying for a baby all the success in the world, some paths are easy, some are not but please be kind to others.

Please don’t try to tell a couple who are trying for a baby how to do it, what to do or how you did it – it is the most insensitive irritating thing to do.

I should know even now I get told oh but you could just get pregnant with the second yourself now as ‘I know so and so that tried IVF for years to suddenly get pregnant’ but no I won’t!!

Please think about anatomy class I’m missing 2 vital parts the Fallopian tubes so my eggs will never meet the sperm themselves, as they do not have the passage to connect my ovaries and womb together.   I am thankful for the IVF methods and miracles that do happen with these medical advances.

Carolyn xxx


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ModiBodi maternity underwear

As you know I am passionate about being made in Australia with fourzero.  I have always looked for Australian Made brands where possible for myself and realistically more so now that I am pregnant.

I was introduced to the brand ModiBodi by a friend, Carly,  who runs New Age Nappies.  After much research looking for comfortable underwear for myself with singlet tops that would fit me well I kept coming back full circle to this brand and finally ordered the maternity pants and breastfeeding singlet last weekend.

The underwear brand was established by Kristy and in all honesty it’s a genius concept as her underwear has built in liners and breast pads that do not leak which is perfect for pregnancy, after birth as a new mum and well for women throughout the month! The singlet tops and sports bras are available in different cup sizes.

The fabric is bamboo so it feels and drapes like Fourzero, it is buttery soft next to my skin and I am for the first time getting to experience what your babies feel when snuggled up in my products.

I hope you don’t mind me sharing this gorgeous brand with you and that the picture of me above isn’t too startling!!

Carolyn x



Are you thinking about what nappies to use when your little one arrives?


Modern Cloth Nappies

Carly from new age nappies will help you with all your nappy questions to find the right solution for your family

Carly from New Age Nappies has been helping me understand what type of nappies to use when my baby is due.  It is honestly another language and I was getting very confused and overwhelmed.  I conducted my workshops over Skype as I am in Melbourne.  It makes me smile when I see the pretty rainbow of colours in carry’s store on the call and the many beautiful options to find the right solution for me and my family.

I think I am going to be using a mixture of bamboo disposables straight after birth and then the All in One Nappies from Bumgenius for my own baby.  I have a lot yet to learn about nappies even though I thought I had it sussed being a baby nurse for over a decade!



Fourzero exhibited at the Canberra Baby and Beyond Expo this week and we are delighted to say that Pinky McKay has endorsed our settling nighties.


Fourzero Settling nighties

Pinky McKay loves Fourzero settling nighties



We are delighted to be attending the Canberra baby and beyond Expo this month 15&16 August 2015.

The only baby wear brand to be accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia

Ethical Clothing Australia Accredited



Fourzero is moving from Brisbane to Melbourne.  Nothing will really change with our business as we will continue to make all our Australian Made goodies in Brisbane.  The showroom will just be based in Melbourne.


Fourzero is now living in Melbourne

Fourzero Baby Essentials