Fabric Choices
All of the fabric choices for the fourzero collection have been done so with the upmost care.  This provides the best quality for each of the clothing and accessory garments on offer.
The Organic Cotton 30% and Bamboo 70% interlock and rib fabric is in its purest form after being manufactured into a fabric.  The fabric has not been pre-washed, is unbleached by us and is in its most natural state. 
The fabric has deliberately been left in a natural cream colour and not subjected to any further bleaching or colouring which has added benefits to our environment, eco system and your newborn. 
There may be some small irregularities and notches on the interlock and rib fabric.  These marks are not flaws or faults and are a result of the manufacturing process of the fabric, they add character and a uniqueness to your garments.
Because we have decided not to colour or further bleach the fabric, over time the colour may slightly change and become lighter and/or an off white with washing and drying in the sun. 
The fabric may slightly shrink after washing each garment but the designs have been manufactured with this in mind and will not alter the appearance or fit of the item(s) you have purchased.
The Organic Cotton 28%, Bamboo 70% and Polyester 2% velour star has been used as a design feature on all garments except the beanie, relaxed fit trousers, blanket wrap and scratch mittens.
The Organic Cotton 28%, Bamboo 70% and Polyester 2% double terry has been used as the backing for the feeding towels for added absorbency.
The care labels attached to each of the garments are made from satin so as not to irritate your newborn babies skin.
All of the garments adhere to AS/NZS 1249:2003 Children's nightwear and limited daywear and fire hazard regulations. 
Why choose Cotton & Bamboo?
Organic cotton and bamboo were chosen to make the current fourzero collection because of its ecological attributes and the luxuriously soft feel of the fabric.
Combining the bamboo fibre with cotton fibres it means that the two are knitted together to make a lovely durable fabric.
Organic Bamboo is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers as well as being an excellent soil erosion inhibitor. It rarely needs replanting and grows at a rapid rate for harvest every 3-5 years with no irrigation needed.
Bamboo helps to balance oxygen and carbon dioxide levels within the atmosphere, generating more than 35% more oxygen than the same amount in a stand of trees.
The bamboo used in the textile industry is called Moso and is not a food source to the Panda.
Bamboo has antibacterial properties so that it eliminates odors and is hypoallergenic which is perfect for newborn skin that has not been exposed to any toxins during pregnancy.
Bamboo fabric is more absorbent than normal cotton and has anti-wrinkle properties. With this the bamboo fabric is very soft and drapes like cashmere or silk. Bamboo and cotton fabric is suitable for vegans as no animals have been harmed in the making of the garments.
The natural fibers within bamboo also help to regulate temperature. When the environment is hot the bamboo fibers relax allowing heat to escape through the fabric in return cooling the person down. When the environment is cool the fabric fibers constrict, minimising body heat escaping through the garment keeping the person warm.
It is very important to follow the guidelines of a health professional for the correct temperature regulation of your newborn baby and ambient nursery temperatures.
Bamboo is labelled on all our garments as Bamboo Rayon because this is the labeling standard required.
Care Instructions
Please follow all the care instructions on all fourzero garments.  It is important to pre-wash all clothing and accessories intended for the use of newborns to make sure there are no chemicals or residue of any sort on any of the item(s) before wearing.  We take utmost pride and care when manufacturing fourzero garments and don't add chemicals or bleach to the fabric during the construction process.
Please wash the items purchased in a cold wash gentle cycle with like colours with mild detergents.  Please do not bleach.  Dry flat in the shade, do not wring the fabric or allow to drip dry as this may alter the garments overall fit.  Cool iron on the reverse as required and be extra careful when ironing the velour embellishments.  Do not dry clean.  The garments are designed to slightly shrink, this will not alter or affect the look or fit of the garment(s) and has been considered in each of the garment(s) design process.

Trademarks & Innovative Patents

Fourzero® is a registered trademark in both the word and logo format.  Both the wording of FOURZERO and the logo are the property of FOURZERO PTY LTD where all rights are owned by the company.  Please do not use the registered logo or product descriptions attributed to our products unless you have paid for the relevant product in full and gained written consent from us to do so.  Upon request we shall allow the distributor to display our brand name in their store on and offline. 

We would like to protect our brand integrity at all times.  We do not and will not hesitate to involve the relevant parties and law enforcers if our trademark is breached.  

Please be aware the NapStrap™ Magnetic Pram Strap is protected under the Innovative Patent  2011100181.  Fourzero Pty Ltd shall not accept blatant copying or misuse of our design.